Wang Lihong has upgraded when Dad

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  天游平台报道, I do not know whether netizens usually pay attention to celebrities’ Weibo. Sometimes they publish their own news faster than entertainment news. The first one to see Weibo may be the first to know the news. On the morning of June 16th, Wang Lee Hung sent a picture on Weibo, a picture of himself carrying a mobile phone. In general, fans would pay attention to Wang Lee Hom's handsome face, but this time it was different because of his cell phone. The photo is a fetal photo! He suddenly announced the news with the fans, and also accompanied by text instructions to spend the evening with his classmates in Chengdu Father's Day! I also told fans that the child’s name was not well enough for the fans to help with the name.

  Wang Lee Hom said that the first two characters of the child’s name are “Wang Jia”, asking fans to provide comments for the third word, and seeing “Wang Jia” many fans think of another star who is now red “Wang Jiaer”. Because people are so impressed by this name, so the first hot comment under Weibo said that Wang Jiaer had got it. There are still many people who agree that Wang Lihong does not know Wang Jiaer, otherwise it does not. There are two "Wang Jiaer" carefully taking this name. Star children will receive more attention. His fans will surely be able to receive news for the first time. Wang Lihong’s handsome wife is also quite beautiful. Their children must be a star's material. They don’t know they will. Do not think that children's hobbies are more important? I hope to see the child's growth in the future.


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