Beckham's oldest son dropped out

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  天游平台报道,A recent photo of Beckham's eldest son, who has a bloated belly and is still adored, is no stranger to talking about Beckham. There have been many pictures of Beckham's eldest son recently, in which he is a little fat and even has a little beer belly, which makes it look like he's been drinking too much in the summer. And there are more and more tattoos on his arm. Many parents may not agree with the tattoo, but Beckham does not care about the son of this kind of behavior, it can be seen that Beckham has always been relaxed for the children. Even though the elder son wanted to quit school recently, the family readily agreed, which is impossible in many traditional families.

  The family is harmonious and happy. It may seem like the youngest child is the most popular, but the oldest is the most popular. The wife had pictures with every child, but the oldest one had the most. In the photo of the two, the mother and son also look very similar and look like a couple from a distance. With so many children in the family, each has his own ideas and a different career. The third son loves singing, playing drums, and even signed up for Korean variety shows. Korean trainees factory is quite strict, the third son seems to be very young, if really entered, hope to take care of themselves. Although Beckham seems to be tough on himself, he actually dotes on his kids. Every time in front of the camera, she was dressed very well and had a radiant face. But he does not have much request to his child, everything is mainly to the child happy, lets the child freely grow up, and likes what to do.

  Beckham's oldest son

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