Liu Dehua is splashed with cold water

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  天游平台报道,No one should not know Andy Lau. As the four heavenly kings, the other three have already reduced their work schedule and increased their rest time. However, Andy Lau is different. Now she is still fighting in the front line of film and television works. Just a while ago, a gag of Andy Lau's filming came to light. In this video, Andy Lau's clothes are very simple, and her gray clothes look very dull. However, what we are concerned about is not his dress, but the staff at the scene are pouring cold water on him. There is a scene in the crowd that needs Andy Lau to be splashed with water. However, this scene was shot six times before it was finally qualified. The temperature in Shanghai at that time was below - 5 ℃. And Andy Lau in order to get the most real effect, so cold weather, the director did not use hot water.

  But after pouring cold water on it, the whole person was so cold that his tendons burst, but for the sake of effect, Andy Lau endured it again and again. Even fans are looking straight heartache, but Andy Lau or let the director again and again to detect, and did not use a stand in. Andy Lau's dedication has also attracted praise from netizens. It has to be said that Andy Lau has never delayed his work for so many years. No matter how dangerous the scenes are, he seldom uses doubles. Most of the scenes are done by himself. Although Andy Lau has made several bad movies, his acting skills will be recognized by netizens. Netizens have said one after another after seeing this scene that it is no wonder that he has been able to remain popular in the entertainment industry for 40 years. There are reasons. What's your opinion on Andy Lau?

 Liu Dehua

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