Singer Wang Lee-hom, overnight hit the Internet

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  天游平台报道,For more than 10 days recently, Leehom Wang has been on the list of hot searches on Weibo every day. Why the influence is so huge, because he is all 80, 90 youth. This talented singer can always think of China, sing "Long Live the Chinese", sing "Descendants of the Dragon", often do good, simple music sincere. A great Chinese artist who has been committed to bringing Chinese music to the world for more than 20 years has been exposed to the sun by his bedside companion overnight. Before, Li Jinglei was not a public figure, and few people knew her. As a highly educated person, she did not work in the society after graduate school. Instead, she worked as wang's logistics assistant, taking care of his every bit.

  Now leehom wang and Li Jinglei's divorce has caused a stir in the city, and Leehom has returned to Taiwan to deal with the follow-up situation. As a fan of Leehom and a loyal listener of music, he really does not want to talk about goshen's family affairs. Official to break housework, as the saying goes, we just need to have a good listening to music, every family has a difficult to read the classics, leehom and beautiful grey's marriage let their own to solve, in the three children's sake, small make up that he could not, as long as leehom mistakes can change, later return to the family well, coming together or the best results. I also hope lee Hom can survive this haze, shed the synonym of "cheating and playing with women's feelings", rededicate himself to music research, write better works, and spread Chinese music, but also bring more of the traditional Chinese music.

 Wang lihong

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