Produce 101

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  天游平台报道,A talent show released on Tencent's video platform has been generating a huge buzz on the country's social media platforms. It’s produce101. As the Chinese adaptation of the South Korean live show Produce 101, domestic audiences are used to seeing pop stars sporting slim figures, white skin and a brilliant smile However, the past week has witnessed a overwhelming attention on a contestant named Wang Ju, who was once regarded as an unpromising outsider The 25-year-old, despite being relatively good at singing and dancing, was darker than her more conventionally glamorous competitors Many people acclaimed her not suitable to be in a girl group. But Wang said audiences have the opportunity to redefine China's leading girl group. She told the audience with confidence after one of her performances.

  On May 26, the program posted some old photos of Wang that showed she was once also a fair-skinned, with a good figure a few years ago. Some people joined one of Wang's fan clubs, and voted for the singer every day. Researcher has compared the sensation of Wang to Li Yuchun, the winner of 2005's Super Girls, the first live show for solo female singers in China. Audiences have grown more self-conscious over the past 13 years. They want to support people who can gain their sympathy, while most icons manufactured by the entertainment industry fail to tap into these emotions. At first, we chase after the adorable stars. But now get sick of pop idols with empty minds. Being yourself is what makes a girl beautiful and hardworking,

 Wang Ju

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