Zhang Jie and Xie Na celebrate Ai's birthday

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  天游平台报道,Zhang Jie is a singer who is very skilled in singing both Chinese and English songs. He made his debut in 2007 with the song "The Most Beautiful Sun". In 2011, Zhang jie and Xie Na were married in a grand ceremony held in the beautiful Shangri-La The palace of marriage, now the two have three beautiful daughters, the youngest daughter is only 2 years old, the five appear particularly warm. Since two people get married, go everywhere is sweet pronoun, get married so many years, both sides look at each other's eyes is still full of love, no Any negative news. Zhang Jie has been committed to the creation of songs and singing, bringing the audience a large number of good works. Married with Xie Na 11 years, without any gossip, two people have been conjugally as before, is the model husband and wife in the circle, let everyone very envy.

  Career of zhang jie special bumpy, early in the contest, has a lot of questions, everyone feel that he likes to uproot shayna is several years older than he is not really like, purpose is not pure was close to, want to use uproot shayna fame and resources, so as to pursue their movie road, his love, just uproot shayna can give he brings the resources and heat. But it is not the case, zhang jie is a hard man, he has achieved, with his own music talent and hard work are inseparable, and in a few days before the concert, zhang jie in a concert, accidentally fell to the lift tables, are still insisted on singing, explain the success of zhang jie and his dedication and hard work are inseparable. In the cause of Zhang Jie, now fame and popularity do not lose Xie Na.

 Zhang Jie

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