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  天游平台报道,As time goes by, I still remember the Four Great Classical Novels.2018 marks the 60th anniversary of Chinese TV drama, recalling the glamorous history, especially the past 40 years since the policy of reform and opening up was adopted. The celebration is a homage paid to the remarkable figures in the TV series industry. Senior artists who pioneered in the field and achieved greatly attended the ceremony. A large amount of classical works have been produced during the past four decades. The 1986 edition of "Journey to the West", 1987 edition of "Dream of the Red Chamber".1994 version of "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" and the 1998 version of "Outlaws of the Marsh", adapted from the Four Great Classical Novels, are just some of the most popular series. Cast and crew members of the four dramas show up on the same stage for the first time. And Liu Xiao Ling Tong, who portrays the legendary Monkey King recalls his memories of the 17-year-long filming. They walked around China's picturesque areas and took 17 years to make 41 episodes.

  17 years equals Monk Xuanzang's pilgrimage for the Buddhist scriptures. Journey to the West is first mythical TV drama of China. China has grown to be the biggest TV drama producing and broadcasting country in the world. Ordinary people and their lives are always the central themes of the screenplay. We are living in a great time.

 Crew members of

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