The Shaolin Temple

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  天游平台报道,Chinese action movie star Jet Li’s landmark work, 1982’s The Shaolin Temple, is well known to many fans, but have you ever seen the Ethiopian version of the poster designed by the local production team? Regarded as the first Kung Fu film after reform and opening-up began in China, it was also screened to sold-out audiences around the globe, according to Shi Chuan, professor of Shanghai Theatre Academy. The film tells the period of sui and tang dynasties, the famous martial artist leg zhang uprisings to righteousness and was killed by Wang Renze, his son rescued luckily by shaolin monks. What fascinates the audience in shaolin temple is that jet li's one-trick is firm and gentle, yu hai's mantis fist is delirious, hu jian's strong ground fist rises and falls, and yu chenghui's drunken sword is like a phoenix.

  The fight of that martial arts drama is more wonderful and worth pondering. "Shaolin temple" caused a stir in the world and aroused the world's martial arts fever. It became an insurmountable classic for martial arts films, because actors and fighters are all real kung fu. The spirit of kung fu should pass on by generation to generation.

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