Obama's daughter traveled with her boyfriend

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  天游平台报道,President barack Obama was elected in 2008. Speaking of him, that is a great reputation! This life may be said to be a harvest of numerous honors, unlimited scenery ah! Not only in business success, but also family life is a great happiness. However, in his family, he alone is enough to make us jealous. But her eldest daughter is also very good. You see, no, there's been a lot of news recently that his eldest daughter, malia, has been accepted by harvard, the university that everybody wants to go to, and you could say, this gene is really powerful. It's really genetic. Ok! I'm just kidding!

  Small make think, he can have now let a person proud achievement, the mainest still depends on her own effort. Of course, family education is also very important to a person. Remember, the President once set up five rules for him, and said, "the most important thing in a family is to be accompanied. From this sentence, it is not hard to see that father attaches great importance to her training. And he put a lot of effort into them. Now, at last, I have not failed the cultivation of the family and their own efforts. I proved myself. Recently, the news came out that she was traveling with her boyfriend in London. It is reported that the boyfriend is also a wealthy family, a famous university student. In the picture, they hold hands and look at the expression on her face. The screen is filled with happiness. That's the envy of the world. He gained his studies and his beautiful love. At the same time he has a very attractive person, the body is very sexy. How can this be annoying? You said no!

 aobama and Obama's daughter

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